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Wotanaz a posted Jan 24, 17

Raid DPS Benchmarks

Table of Contents

1. Disclaimer

2. Ranking

  • Tests were done on a small 4 million HP golem. Only exceptions are Staff Elementalist who did tests on Large Hitbox only and Scepter Guardian which was done on both Large and Small Hitbox

  • These tests are assuming a raid setting, i.e. you have Banners, Quickness, alacrity, druids buff etc. and running a comp that provides these buffs (5-5 with double Chronomancer)

  • We used the builds specified in the "Guide" column down below, these are the builds we use in raids aswell. We used EA, Spotter, Frost Spirit, Banners, and 3 GotL stacks for the "Realistic" attempts. Condi classes also used Sun Spirit and ranger pets used fury. Fully Buffed tried used every buff.

  • We use Alacrity in the "Realistic" tries because you can keep it up permanently with double mesmer.

  •  Numbers are with max Stat Infusions so if you want the adjusted value you can substract 2% to get a rough number without Infusions.

  •  Mesmer is just showing the rotation, not the actual DPS, because the "Realistic" buffs are too unrealistic for mesmer.

  • New Realistic Benchmarks are under Realistic. However Benckmarks under Realistic(-Alacrity) are still the same rotations and up to date.

ClassBuildAll BuffsRealisticRealistic(-Alacrity)Guide
Elementalist Staff (Large) 49,191 39,168 Link
Elementalist FA Staff (Large) 43,050 35,890* 32.228* Link
Elementalist FA Staff (Small) 36,535 29,653 Link
Thief Staff 36,515 30,480* Link
Elementalist Dagger/Warhorn 35,969 29,773 Link
Ranger Condi Sb + AT 35,717 32,002 Link
Guardian Scepter (Large) 35,501 28,582* 25,667* Link
Thief D/D 35,272 30,069* Link
Engineer Condi 34,859 31,833 Link
Guardian Scepter (Small) 33,367 24,008* Link
Guardian Sword/Scepter+Torch 33,084 25,155* Link
Revenant Jalis 33,027 25,279 24,888* Link
Elementalist Staff (Small) 33,010 Link
Engineer Power 32,424 26,328* Link
Guardian Hammer 29,407 24,258* Link
Mesmer Condi 27,468 25,313 Link
Warrior Power PS 27,254 20,328* Link
Warrior Condi PS 25,917 22,699* 20,086* Link
Druid Condi Sb+A/T 25,445 22,301 18,372* Link
Necromancer Condi 24,573 22,595 21,075* Link
Druid Condi A/T+A/D 22,959 19,786* 17,469* Link
Druid Condi A/T 20,935 18,192* 17,205* Link
Druid Power S/A+S/W 20,147 16,556* 15,977* Link
Druid Power Lb+S/A 19,570 16,158* 15,503* Link

* This benchmark used the old Realistic buffs: Assassins Presence and 2 GotL stacks. Rotations are still the same, they're up to date.