Raid Condition Reaper

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1. Condition Reaper

1.1 Gear




 Ascended Sinister Amulet,2 Ascended Sinister Rings,Ascended Viper's backpiece,2 Ascended Viper's Accessories



Ascended Viper's Scepter with Superior Sigil of Agony,Ascended Viper's Dagger with Superior Sigil of Geomancy/Ascended Viper's Warhorn with Superior Sigil of Geomancy (Additionally, you could replace Geomancy with Sigil Of Earth if you're struggling to proc geomancy on a boss)


Following the 18/10 Patch, the nerf to jagged horrors lifetime duration practically removed death magic from the meta. The extra minions spawning from the Death Nova just aren't worth it anymore when you compare it to the dps you gain from Vampiric Aura, as well as the sustain it brings which helps a lot in maintaing scholar bonus on party members!

Blood Magic Variant

Curses(2,1,3) Blood Magic(2,3,3) Reaper(1,3,2)

Build uses and overview: Following the 18/10 patch, Blood Magic became the go-to variant for Condition reapers in raids. Vampiric Aura is very strong trait in terms of group dps, as well as providing extra sustain to help maintain scholar bonus on your squad members.

If you don't need the reduced cool down on dagger skills, or the movement speed from Quickening Thirst then I would reccomend taking Blood Bond for a small dps increase!

At Matthias Blood magic really pulls through with the helpful sustain of vampiric aura to keep up Scholar rune Bonus, and the ability to pull downed foes out of Poison wells using transfusion. I choose not to run death magic at Mathias as you can easily transfer conditions using Suffer, and the Plague Sending trait in curses, as well as Deathly Swarm which has a shorter cooldown when traited

Note:Epidemic can be used at vale guardian if you have two necromancers bouncing conditions off seekers,at gorseval/Sabetha/Sloth to bounce off the adds. Ice bow is a dps increase for a reaper to pick up on large hitboxes.

Important Note about the rotation: If you already started your auto attack chain, always make sure to finish it, rather than interrupting it before you cast another attack.

Vale Guardian

As a condi reaper you will be on green circle duty, which is a minimal dps loss thanks to scepter/dagger's ranged capabilities. If you're struggling to proc Sigil of Geomancy on the boss then Sigil Of Earth is a good alternative for a minimal DPS loss.
 With two reapers, make sure to coordinate your Epidemic bounce from the boss to nearby seekers for a large dps boost as well as soft cc'ing the seekers at the same time. For Breakbars: swap to warhorn and use Wail Of Doom use reaper shroud 3 and 5 also. Make use of Reaper shroud skill 2 to reach far-away green circles in time. Make sure to Epidemic bounce the seekers in the red split also for a large burst on the red guardian!


With two reapers, make sure to 'Epidemic' bounce when Gorseval spawns his mobs for a large condition Spike. For breakbars, use Wail Of Doom as well as shroud skills 3 and 5. When holding a spirit in place during the split make use of Grasping Dead and Executioner's Scythe for long lasting cripple and chill.


As a condi reaper, you should kite sabetha's flak shots at range. Make sure to stay as close to possible to the group to ensure you receive boons, and move into melee during flak downtime to use your reaper shroud 4/proc your Geomancy Sigil, if you're struggling to proc geomancy often enough then use Sigil of Earth for a minimal dps loss.

With two reapers you can Epidemic bounce off sabetha's Adds for a Condition burst, as well as clearing the mobs at the same time. Make sure to epidemic the mini champion's conditions back to sabetha when she comes back down for another large condition burst!


As a condi Reaper you should time poison cloud wisely to block slubling's projectiles. Make use of Epidemic to clear the slublings, but make sure to watch out and not kill your teamates in slubling form!
with two reapers you can 'Epidemic' bounce off the slublings with good timing for a large condition burst; For Breakbars, use Wail of Doom as well as reaper shroud 3and 5; If your mesmer/guardian is not blocking the spores then Plague Signet is a good choice to save your teamates but overall, it won't out-DPS Blood is power so I would take that over plague signet, unless the condi transfer is really necessary.


As a condi Reaper you should take blood magic here to for the ability to pull with shroud 4, as well as providing 'sustain for your team through Vampiric Aura.

Take Suffer to transfer conditions, time 'Blood is Power' when you have other conditions to trigger your Plague Sending trait, otherwise transfer with Dagger 4. Use Wail Of Doom as well as reaper shroud skill 3 and 5 during the sacrifices for cc. Delay using Lich Form until after the first sacrifice to avoid your minions being instantly killed, just in case you get sacrificed first! try not to use your plague signet active, unless it's the difference between life or death.

You can check all the Builds and their DPS in comparison to other classes HERE.
Please keep in mind that this list is a compilation of benchmarks done by members of this guild and your personal DPS may vary in a real world scenario depending on the encouter and your rotations.

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